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"Born in Shropshire, I grew up spending a lot of time outside, riding horses and climbing trees from as soon as it was light until the sun went down.  I developed a love of light and how it changed the mood and personality of the land around me.  My interest in photography was further fueled by observing my uncles navigate their way around what I recall were large, fancy cameras.  They shot with Canon cameras, as do I now.
After finishing university, I had a serious wanderlust, so bought my first 'proper' camera and visited many countries across four continents.  Initially, I learnt how to use my camera 'on the job' under a range of challenging situations.  Many of these photographs were bought to decorate the rooms of houses other than my own and also featured in travel brochures. 
I then spent over ten years living in Henley-on-Thames, a very picturesque place to be if you like photography, where I then polished my skills by undertaking a well recognised photography course.  The demand for my photography skills grew in parallel to my career as a senior in marketing communications and branding.  I believe my ten years + experience in this area, including working with many different people from very different backgrounds, helped me to develop a set of skills that have enabled me to bring a personable, understanding and insightful view on how to produce stunning and memorable photographs.
After a five year career break in Geneva, Switzerland, where I started a family and enjoyed yet more stunning vistas which provided visual fuel for my camera, I now live in Surrey, with my husband, two boys, french bulldog and two rabbits where we continue to spend a lot of time in the great outdoors, riding bikes and climbing trees... They say life goes full circle”. 
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